A FEARLESS WOMAN is a series of illustrations I've been creating since 2008. The illustrations have been featured as calendar products, prints, greeting cards and a new journal coming out August 2013. I'm currently working on the next set, to be featured as 2016 calendar products. This will bring the series total to 60 illustrations. A selection of these illustrations will soon appear in one of the albums under my PORTFOLIO tab.

The writing for these illustrations was inspired by an article I wrote in 2002, titled, Becoming Fearless After Failure. The article was published in a regional women's magazine called, JOY. The inspiration for the article was my own life, my own mistakes and blunders, my own journey to dive into the ocean of my potential, to learn resilience and to earn fearless (to earn my bold-colored glasses!). The journey continues, the story is not over.

I'm no longer trying to post to two blogs so I will only maintain the A Fearless Woman blog as an archive of past art and posts. All future info on Fearless, including new art, new products, new writing will be here, on my main website/blog jeanninerobertsroyce.com.

Here is a link to the A Fearless Woman blog if you want to see the archive of older posts and illustrations www.afearlesswoman.blogspot.com

Below is the cover of the 2014 wall calendar.