Throughout my life I've followed two distinct but mutually enriching paths, moving back and forth between artist/entrepreneur and a career as a case manager and family advocate in social services. 

As an artist, I’ve painted and crafted, created wearable art, been a floral designer, and, in recent years, a digital illustrator. As a writer, I’ve published articles, newsletters, curriculum, inspirational greetings and text for stationery products, and I've journaled... boy, have I journaled. 

To heal my life and dive deep into my potential I’ve written and journaled my way out of confusion, doubt and fear, and into epiphanies, revelations, even poetry. . .  often as though my life depended on it. The journaling began in earnest in 1994 soon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer (here is an earlier post that tells more of this story). It was clear that my life very much depended on reclaiming my soul by returning to art and writing. So, I left my career as a social services professional -  only to transfer that calling to a new stage.

The skills and inclinations to guide and coach and counsel never fade away. Combined with the artist's ritual of calling up symbols, images, and impressions, those old counseling skills serve my creative mission to open the heart, expand the spirit, and inspire dreams.

Much of the material for A Fearless Woman and other projects is mined from my journals, mined from my life. I am here to testify!

For the past decade or so I’ve been creating illustrations that blend inspiring words with floral collage. These illustrations have been reproduced as prints, cards and stationery products, and the series, A Fearless Woman, published as calendar products. More recently I’ve begun to explore a new type of collage illustration combining photographed and scanned objects and textiles with various ephemera and embellishment. This new group is reproduced as a series called Grateful Heart, Joyful Woman in calendar products. As you might guess, my own overflowing gratitude and joy led me to develop this new series.

Though a California girl by birth (and temperament!... happiest in beach mode), in early adulthood I found my way to the mountains of southern Oregon. I live with my husband in Ashland, where we have it all.... beautiful location, walk everywhere, and just a few hours to the coast.
First frame, sitting above the creek at my favorite writing spot. Next, standing next to Pacific Crest Trail sign while on a day hike...
for me it's heavenly bliss to be outside in nature. Last frame, home away from home - a dawn walk on the Oregon coast.