The floral-art illustrations are created by manipulating original photographs of flowers, leaves, buds, various plant parts, and sometimes just little segments of calyx or corolla. I arrange and rearrange these specimens in natural light looking to highlight particular features. For these initial photos, my husband, Ken, is behind the camera. I take the raw images and run them through a series of recipes, spells, and charms in preparation for layering on the digital canvas. Though I have many influences (Japanese kimonos and Ukiyo-e prints, botanical illustrations, sacred art across cultures, textiles, the rapture of being in the natural world, to name a few), I work intuitively, “listening” for color and composition. To me, the process feels like a blend of collage work and painting with an element of ritual and worship.

Some believe that flowers are special messengers offering gentle guidance and generous encouragement through their magic and beauty. I believe when they are re-imagined in perfect symmetry (mandala-like) they become uplifting at an even deeper level. They suggest wholeness, hope, healing and joy. I create my flower illustrations to inspire you to realize your awesome self and blossom your potential - to open your heart and expand your spirit.