"Fearless dreaming is not for the faint-hearted,
 or for those who carefully consider.
Dreaming in the fearless way means flying to new galaxies, naming new stars, 
finding your way to impossible worlds."

I have to admit, I got a little chill up my spine when my new Brush Dance samples arrived. I REALLY love this new 2014 date book. The Brush Dance products are just so astoundingly high-quality and wonderful to behold. The date books feel so well-crafted and inspired...  with the hard cover and spiral binding... and many added features like the inside folder-type page that can hold loose papers and cards. The image above is of the cover art, not the actual datebook, but you can go the Brush Dance website and see the actual product.

It's been sitting on my desk the last few weeks and reminding me of what I wanted to share when I wrote the verse for this page. 

How often do we forget that fearless dreaming is the antidote for all worry, doubt and fear. Don't you dare shrink from the power that you hold! Remember that you know everything about being bold-hearted... your faint-hearted hesitation only creates more gravity, preventing lift-off and flight. Hey, fearless dreamer, impossible worlds are beckoning.