Joy Looks Good On You

A new greeting card published by Calypso.

This is the flat card if you were to lay it open. On the left (back) will be the Calypso information and price etc. This is one of a dozen in a new series now shipping to stores. I created the cards based on illustrations from my new series Gratelful Heart, Joyful Woman. More of these illustrations are in posts below.

Soon... very soon, I'll be revisiting this theme for the next series to be published as 2016 calendar products (by Brush Dance). Hard to conceive of - 2016! But, the illustrations for 2015 are long since finished.

Right now, in June, I'm immersed in creating new illustrations for the 2016 A Fearless Woman and that always puts me in an interesting frame of mind. I jump back and forth between working on writing the text and designing the illustrations. Each caption gets written and rewritten, and many are tossed aside, until the piece has life to it and resonates with me as something that will be true to the experiences of women who are, or are in the process of becoming, who they were born to be, meant to be, yearning to be... not the least of which is FEARLESS! 

I'm excited about a new journal coming out in August! Brush Dance will be publishing a collection of journals with cover art by their wonderful group of artists... and one of these new journals will feature art from A Fearless Woman. They should be in stores or on the BD website by late summer.

Let's see, what else?.... More changes are afoot and I'll be announcing other news sometime in July. I am closing my Goldenflower website and expanding this blog platform to have everything in one place. Still tinkering with ideas for the final web presence. I've added buttons here for art, story etc

And, oh yes, here is the rest of the caption from the original illustration that the new card (above) was taken from:

Joy looks good on you. It's a perfect fit! When wrapped in sparkling bliss and wonderment, you walk like the shining beauty that you are. Joy becomes you.

Try that on for size.
Somehow this summer is feeling more flamboyantly gorgeous, poignant, heart-opening than any in recent memory. I am making it my business to notice and sponge up every sensation, every nuance of scent and sound, every delight of the visual feast. Even after the gate was left open and the deer ate the tops off all my baby sunflowers, I am smiling and grateful for what they left. Grateful for all that is good.