This feisty, fiery, sunflower tells a story of resilience and optimism. Used here as a symbolic charm for brave-struck cowgirls everywhere, it encourages you to raise your face to the sun and sit tall in the saddle.

Blazing a Trail - She rides over rough terrain is an illustration from the new 2014 A Fearless Woman wall calendar.


I've announced on my (poor, neglected) A Fearless Woman blog that I'm no longer posting or updating on that blog but will just leave it live for archives of posts and art. I'm expanding this blog to include news and updates on all my art and projects. My old website (also neglected), goldenflowerstudio.com, will close. My original card line is undergoing a makeover and will debut sometime in July. This particular transformation is pretty exciting and an example of wonderful serendipity. Here on this site I'm looking for the right slideshow/album set-up to add images to this blog - which will soon become jeanninerobertsroyce.com. All of my future work will be under my name only.

All of this online simplifying and retooling spills over into the rest of my life. There's more time and energy for reading, walking, flower gazing, enjoying face to face time with those I love, and, of course, writing and creating art. As I reinvigorate my business I feel more enthused and ready for all that is possible.

Along with this comes more lightness and vitality, feeling more responsive to those little voices and prompts from the Mystery that inspire my work. I'm going to go sit in the backyard now with a book but I know the book may just sit on my lap while I gaze from sky to treetops to bees teasing flower devas. Feeling what it feels like to be still, to give myself permission to be in wonderment.