This illustration is from my recent work for GRATEFUL HEART - JOYFUL WOMAN. I found myself attaching this particular message/image to several emails in the last week. I wanted to remind a few women I treasure to give themselves an abundance of care and love and above all else... to be easy on themselves.

Often we begin the year with good intentions like these but so soon drift back to forgetting and losing touch with ourselves. Lost in the frenzy of life and the daily spin of activities, we drift back into a dizzy state of tired and weary and then fall into a steady spiral of depletion. We are running on fumes before we know what happened.

Suddenly, you've lost that vital connection to your soul and your creativity. Your senses are so over-stimulated with information, gadgets, extreme layers of responsibility that the beauty of the world begins to dim. Life feels cloudy and heavy. Or you're in such a state of hyper-tasking that you don't even realize you've lost touch with yourself.

It takes practice and resolve to keep yourself loved and filled. But it's essential and you are worth it, and, as we've heard a trillion times... you are no good to anyone when you're empty.

One of the things I'm doing for myself lately is attempting a deeper "recovery" of my creative powers. A friend and I are revisiting and reinterpreting The Artist Way program together. Almost two decades ago it catapulted me into a cycle of creativity, strangeness and wonder unlike anything I'd ever known. The journey was sometimes a free-fall into the dark before emerging into the light. Magic and manifestation often came only after mistakes and missteps.

I was curious if I could take the principles and customize them to open and purify the creative channels for the coming decades. I find my priorities shifting as I'm getting older but want to remain in the same magnificent flow of creativity to the end of my days. Julia Cameron calls the process she uses an "invited spiritual experience".

This is what I'm preparing to do now: 'Reinvite' and reignite the spiritual experience that is the creative journey - the journey that links us with the perfect love and divinity pulsing in all of life.

**ps.. I'm starting to preview 2014 A Fearless Woman illustrations here on the other blog.