I love you! All of you! To each and every heart out there in the world today, I'm sending love from my heart to yours. No strings attached... and for an added surprise, whether you need it or not, sending a hug as well. There's got to be someone out there who could use a little love and a hug. We all know that the one who really benefits is the sender, the giver, the channeler of the love that needs to go out. So, selfish me, I love sending love. The images are from a group I worked on for Valentine's submissions this spring. Just a simple 'love you'. Top image is the card layed out flat and the bottom image the front of the card.

I'm taking a little break this summer from most computer-related sitting. All through June and July I'm enjoying a busy time with visitors, a week-long family reunion, other family events - pretty much non-stop.Fitting in good, body-stretching physical work on the yard when I can and lots of walks. It feels so good to move around and be outdoors. Any sitting is mostly taking place outside lately. Sitting in the backyard and staring at the bluest parts of the sky, the neighbors pine tree that leans way into our yard... it's like I'm seeing it for the first time...  against the bluest part of the sky. This very, very beautiful pine hosts tribes of noisy grey squirrels and noisier blue jays, the occasional flicker. I witness the familiar evidence of summer smells, sensations, color but somehow the beauty of it must be taken in anew. It's the first summer ever that is exactly happening this summer. I don't want to miss any of it. So, taking a break from computer-sitting.

Doing some writing and recording of thoughts and ideas for future projects in my big sketchbook and notebooks using pencils. Writing is like drawing/designing for me so I tend to enjoy using sketchbooks.

I opened my blog today in a gesture of utter laziness looking for material for something I'm working on and thought I might be able to plagiarize myself. Lazy, dazy, summer brain needs help.

While searching old posts, I felt an urge to wish the world a beautiful day and send love and hugs! It's already afternoon so I'll send my wish out for tomorrow.

May the beauty of the world wash over you with intoxicating summer air, warm fragrance of all that grows, the cool grass beneath your feet, and a sky so grand that blue needs a new name in this season, something that describes living, pulsing energy and inspired, sensuous light and a warm blessing all at the same time.

Back soon!
love from me, Jeannine