We celebrate your dazzling light
your marvelous gifts and generous spirit

A prototype for a greeting card based on art from the 2013 A Fearless Woman Calendar - this art is on the cover of the Date Book. Calendars are now available for purchase on line at Brush Dance

I thought of this particular card this week because it was both my sister's birthday and my friend Lis's birthday yesterday (I actually made each of them a hand-made collaged card). Two of the dearest spirits I'm blessed to know. Interesting coinkydink that they have the same birthday, and, believe it or not, our mom and Lis's mom have the same birthday in July. Lis and I have always had a unique connection, mutual muses in spirit; creative soul sisters with memories that go back decades.

My sister and I have been lucky to be best friends all of our lives. No one makes me laugh like she does. She lives so delightfully in the present, enjoying each sparkling moment.

Two bright beacons on my path, each is a dazzling light.