I've noticed that the Camellias are fading away, crinkled and withered, with an antique patina. They had their time in the limelight, and now, without regret, flash a final grin at the balcony, and leave the stage. Little divas that they are, the final bow is full of flair and triumph at having danced all night while the music played, and applause erupted from every corner. Often known as the 'rose of winter', Camellias are native to Japan, Korea, China.

I'm still dancing in the aisle and breathlessly waiting for the next act. Soon it will be the heavenly Dogwood.

Quiet beauties, Dogwood hum a low but seductive earth song. Though cultivated, they are native and wild in nature where I live. Their berries are a food source to over 80 migratory birds. Their bark and leaves were used by native people, medicinally, and for food. They are angels of the mountain meadows.

The illustration above is something I worked on today. What fun!  The pink Camellia in the illustration is from a photograph taken in Lithia Park. The Dogwood blossom also from photos take in Lithia Park.

Pink is the color of warmth and affectionate love. White suggests peace, tranquility, innocence, spirit.

New post on the Fearless blog, btw. A little feminist history thrown in the mix.