How does one live a life that is rich and round and complete? Juicy and rapturous? I’m working on a new art/writing project on this very sweet topic, and I'm asking myself:

What is a juicy life? And how does one attract more or it?

I’m looking around, asking around… what is it to live a life in full bloom? Who do I see voraciously consuming the beauty and gifts of the world... and devouring their dreams?

The juice of something is like its blood, its life force. I love berries of all kinds, especially raspberries and strawberries. When I think of juicy I think of eating strawberries, enraptured. I pick them at my sister's farm (the flowers  in my illustrations grow here). A slow shuffle down the rows, sun on my head and summer on my skin, juice bursting in my mouth. I think they might be hallucinogenic. I also love eating raspberries straight off the vine, right into my mouth.  Can't get enough, don't care about the drips and stains. I do try not to moan and gasp in front of other people, however.

With this one experience I feel a spike in vitality - a quickening pulse...  and a relaxed release at the same time. An unconscious grin appears and changes my features. The sensations affect my whole body. My spirit is awake. Pleasure becomes just pleasure in being alive. The body, spirit, heart and imagination are all buzzing. A spike in vitality, a surrender to pleasure.

A juicy life seems to be one that seduces your senses, makes your hair follicles tingle, electricity run up and down your spine, your nostrils flare to take in the explicit fragrance of .... berries, chocolate, rain on earth, a baby's breath, roses, the day.

It is the slow flow of awareness that breathes for you when you settle into a delicious moment, the joy of how your body feels when it's fully alive.

Our bodies deserve at least this. Heaven knows how we judge them, criticize them, distance ourselves from them. What about letting them be in love with the beauty of the world.

What makes you quiver, makes you weak, makes you cave?

What is sinful but irresistible?

What makes you weak in the knees?

What reawakens the libido of your spirit?

What makes you wild at heart?

I think I need to do some serious research on this topic. I'll need to do a lot field work. As in fields of  tantalizing and juicy new sensations, fields of golden possibilities.