Earth Love

I am compelled to witness and listen to what happens around me in the natural world. Over the years I’ve attempted to position and reposition my receiver and fine tune the transmission until

the story of the seasons
pushes me right to the edge of my seat.

Often I leap up with cries of Bravo! Bravo! Ecstatically cheering… a standing ovation as new rhododendron flower buds push at their tight covers - like fuchsia butterflies aching for air and life. Makes we weep.

While walking through an alley on my way downtown to the library the other day, a troupe of robins peck, pecking at the mud, scattered as I approached, and then reconvened in a bare old walnut tree in a backyard. I stopped for a look and a wonder. Wonder at robins being robins and wonder at where they came from and where they will journey next. We do have year-round resident robins but this troupe seemed to be passing through, displaying all the chatter and color and spectacle of seasonal actors.

If you don’t know, I live in Ashland Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespearean Festival. We have actors who come for the season to be brave and beautiful on the stage, strutting innovative interpretations of character and costume. Add to that the artists, and other visionary types, who are drawn here and you’ll see how the robins seemed to be part of the scene. We, here, in this little theater town, are conditioned to use our imaginations. Without restraint.

I was inclined to see the robins as actors on the Ashland stage but also on the February stage. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not but my memories of robins always seem to coincide with the light beginning to grow, and sunny, though frigid, afternoons that have the scent and tease of life coming back. So this was a good sign.

I carry this image with me. It was a kind of turning point. I share the robin story because it is part of the world that nurtures my creative health, and spiritual health for that matter. A part of the rainbow of images and stories that feed my imagination.

When insane distractractions change my mood, I’ll let the robins jump back in for a sashay across the stage in my mind. It works for me. I was there. I know it happened.

Business buzz:

My first group of designs for Calypso Cards debuted in January. Nicky says they were in the top 10 best sellers for the first week of sales. Very nice to know this. It feels good when someone takes a chance on you and gets good results. Calypso is the very coolest of card companies. I'm so honored to be a new artist with them. Below is one of the styles in this new group: It's Never Too Late (inside: It's never too late to begin big dreams). Don't you think so?

Goldenflower Studio (my self-published line) is gearing up for a great season. It was a truly crazy but productive year last year. Now looking forward to 2011 with all the changes being in place (new catalog, new reps, new designs). Will have the website remodeled this Spring with 23 new styles of cards. Below is one of my best-selling birthday cards. "No surprise to those who know you. You've become the one you imagined you could be" (inside: Happy Birthday. May your life continue to grow rich and bountiful.)

A Fearless Woman 2011 calendar products published by Brush Dance had great sales – wonderfully received for a new title. I love the art coming in the 2012 (A Fearless Woman - Follows Her Song) new line of calendar products also published by Brush Dance. They will be in stores this summer. I’ve featured much of the art on the blog and on my website and will continue to do so. Below is the cover for the new 2012 wall calendar. I'll share more about the new products and art on the A Fearless Woman blog

And, we've just picked the new art and writing for the 2013 calendar products to be published by Brush Dance. All new art and writing never before seen! I will be back on the Fearless Woman blog next month with previews of new art and writing.

That's it for catching up. Looking forward to regular posting this year. It's not that I don't have much to share. It's that there haven't been enough hours in the day.

Just back from a little vacation to California to see friends and relatives. Beach time. Friend revelries. Sunshine. No computer screen. Below is me (on the rt) and my friend Lis at one of the orchid nurseries near Carpinteria (south of Santa Barbara in Calif.). We stayed with Lis and Jeff a block from the beach and then took the train to Solana Beach near San Diego. I miss the beach life!!

Lis waving goodbye as we pass her beach on the train.