Whew! That brought a tingle and a charge. Hitting the 'New Post' button for this blog. Coming back into this universe that I so enjoy but have so neglected. Neglected in a good way.

Why begin again today of all days? I have no idea... well, yes, I do have an idea. It just felt right. And I have the time now that other projects are under control, more or less. So, I begin again.

This is a flat layout of my 5x7 card. The art wraps to back and the back has a little Sunflower message.

Begin another day,
begin another dream, begin another flight of fancy.

A few months ago, I made a decision to not push beyond my natural stamina, to get off the computer and away from my desk by mid-afternoon. To be outdoors and notice the earthly dramas, the landscape, the weather, the migrating birds, to use my body for walking more than sitting, to stretch and breath and grin. Taking care to find balance has meant some pulling back. Patiently getting repositioned, located back in my body and aligned with the bigger picture. Jumping and twirling in the falling leaves is a good way to get repositioned.

What you can't see is how on this day the leaves from surrounding trees would just suddenly fall in great numbers. As though a choreographer was giving a cue and an orchestra the beat. I couldn't contain myself.

My days have been packed and my schedule full this year - for me. It's been a particular season of change and busyness and assignments. The narrative of my life since I last posted contains new chapters and scenes in rapid succession. Much of it from an outline I myself constructed - for the most part. From the conjuring of dreams comes what you wish for. And what you get. Even when tossed and tumbled and capsized we are humbled by the gifts.

Much of this time has been about family. An unusually intense year with health and other challenges for some, especially my daughter, nieces, nephew. New babies, a planned move for my mom to a new cottage being built at my sister's farm. A big family reunion this summer that was the sweetest it could be (who knew I would be a star at bocce ball!). Visitors from near and far. Then, finally, my October retreat to the coast.

On the work front:
Goldenflower Studio experienced some shifts and changes. We've taken back distribution of our greeting card line (it was under contract in Seattle) and that transition brought a big increase in responsibility and work: Remodeling the shipping room, getting new systems in place, working with a new team of reps and getting them set up. But it's a delight to be personally in touch with stores across the country once again. And, this card line is doing amazingly well after all the economic doldrums of the last few years. Pretty much a full time plus overtime job managing this change lately.

I'll be looking for additional reps to fill in certain territories after the first of the year. I've been so lucky to have had all my current reps contact me before I even got around to reaching out!

In other news:
I've had  new calendar products out this year and selling great. I'm just reviewing the final proofs for the 2012 calendars - also published by Brush Dance.

Recently signed a new licensing contract with Calypso Cards. The first group of cards will be released in January 2011.

My plans for 2011 include submitting art to new publishers and manufacturers for calendars, cards, and other products. Finding the right fit.

In the process of a new website design. Look for that by the end of the year. Lots of new art and over 25 new cards for sale!

Next post:
Leaves that fall and the trees who love them.
(I'll be updating my Fearless Woman blog later this week.)

The HOURS & DAYS reference at the top is from Ralph Waldo Emerson. He believed that pretty much everything important is revealed in the hours and days as they unfold. Each moment ripe and juicy and shining. Just be there.