Solstice Song

Today at 7:28 am EDT. Which means here on the Pacific coast we are already 3 hours past Solstice as I write. I'm in the mood and singing a Solstice song today. A beautiful day as the sun crests and sparkles along the tops of trees, roof lines, garden gates, stop signs, across the breakfast table, across the big engine of life shifting into second gear. I love this time when the light is pure and still but promising. Promise is in the air. Solstices are times of promise and pause: Winter is the quiet stillness of dark with the promise of light returning, and Summer the peak of light with the portent of darkness. Summer Solstice promises a cascade of life, the very juicy fullness of life. In a rich explosion comes the power of the life force...  manifested in blooming, fruiting fullness.

The key word for Summer Solstice is 'full expression'. What needs to be fully expressed in your life? What are you about to bloom and bring to fruition?

Rise up to the light that beckons you. Share your gifts and bestow your glow. That is your purpose simple and sweet.

Yes, I've been on a little bit of a hiatus from blogging lately. Not because I've been lazy, negligent or uninterested. In fact life has been full, happy, productive, creative, with lots of love, learning, and mystery. The days have been so full, however, that prioritizing left blogging lower on the list. I'll spend some time catching up here this week. My theme lately has been the anatomy of happiness in my own life - always in the context of the Mystery. More later. But for now sending love and the promise of Summer light to surround you.