Flowers Speaking Frankly

Flowers I saw on my morning walk this morning and what they had to say.

Dogwood blossoms, pink: With soft, silky chattering, mostly in harmony, they wondered why it was cold and raining when this was their time to be on stage. They need light and warmth and admiring comments, but everyone was rushing by to keep warm. Jeez, they moaned, there's snow on the hills again.

Dogwood blossoms, white: Same type of chattering only they seem to have a little less ego than pink. Maybe they take seriously that white symbolizes peace, spirit, purity. Maybe they feel a little... not exactly superior... but a little closer to the truth, a little mystical or something. Anyway, they are above complaining about the weather and just wished me a peaceful and meaningful walk.

Peony buds: Not yet speaking, but humming and breathing and patiently waiting their time. My neighbor and I couldn't stop smiling at each other after acknowledging her peony covered with big humming buds.

Poppies: Red beyond words - one poppy bloom is worth a thousand words but for the most part they prefer to sing. What can you say to blooms that sing and pose like Mexican dancers except, "buenas dias senoritas". Only one of them actually spoke to me and seemed to be teasing while the others laughed. I don't know what the joke was.

Iris: Everywhere populating yards like migrating birds passing through. Generally they were warm and direct with an easy confidence. The purple iris were discussing the yellow iris in the next yard, looking over their shoulders and commenting on size of bloom, color, overall display. The ones I wished a good morning to were genuine in saying they were in fact having a great morning and expected it to be a marvelous day. They seemed to embody joy.

Many other flowers had comments and good morning wishes, though I didn't really stop to talk much as I was needing to get back to work. And, anyway, there are many flowers I overhear from my studio when the window is open. But it was just a little too chilly for that today. I felt a little grumpy about the rain, like the pink dogwood.

A new card -  the idea of embodying joy... like the iris do.