A Circle of Love

I have my daughter staying with me this week recovering from a pretty serious surgery she had a few days ago (nothing life-threatening). My purpose is solely to make her comfortable, make her well, make her smile. I love thinking of ways every minute to create a healing environment for her. So, not working so much or thinking of the lists and responsibilities.

My blog posting is a little off schedule lately with travel, extra projects, deadlines, and just the ongoing assortment of life's unexpected assignments. I love sharing and posting here, so my serious intention is to be back on track and contributing with stories, heart music, channeled observations from the Mystery. And, just the day-to-day experiences of being alive in a body, with a spirit that must play, a purpose that is ever-unraveling.

With Malena here recovering, everything is in perspective right now, all priorities self-arranged. We are basking in the glow of connection, kinship, friendship... lots of friends with flowers, cards, food, and love, dropping by.  Malena and I are talking about all the life changing implications of such medical interventions - the opportunity and grace within it. How this can become the space in time before a new chapter begins. How one can be in touch with the essentials, and the essence of your dreams, while you're recovering.

The card above will appear in my new catalog and somehow seemed appropriate. I designed it when a friend was welcoming her new granddaughter a year or so ago. It was for a new mom and her baby love, it got me thinking of all the new moms who welcome their little love bundles. I welcomed my sweet little spirit over 30 years ago but I'm kind of recreating that circle of love again to heal her.