Rainbow Embrace

Where has the last week gone!? Returned to work last Tuesday from my personal coast retreat and had some catching up to do - phone calls, emails, orders, business.  The away time was superb ... you can read a little about it and my writing assignment on my Fearless blog. I'm still in the afterglow, trying to live as long as possible on slow time. The body and brain must get work done but the spirit says take it easy, take it slow.

One morning while at the beach, I awoke to a rainbow across the ocean, right before me and arcing north up the coastline. The place I stay (an old 50's inn/motel) is on a bluff just above dunes overlooking a rocky, beautiful stretch of Oregon coast. A storm had passed over the afternoon and night before and left the 'colors of good fortune' as its final note for the morning. Good fortune, good omen. That rainbow gift was like an embrace. It made me grin a wide grin standing in the window, sleepy-eyed, looking out over the seafoam to the endless and mysterious world of deep sea. I felt bubbly with anticipation all day. I think it's been influencing everything I've done since I returned. With a mood of bubbly anticipation is a good way to live. It's a good way to wake up in the morning. I felt so very privileged to have received such a fine gift. What else but to describe it and share it and continue to embrace it's Mystery. I'm always looking for evidence of the Mystery. I was not disappointed on this trip... evidence everywhere I looked.

I've been working on new art and revisions for my wholesale catalog - I think I'll have most of the new styles finished this week and can start laying out the catalog next week. Here is something I've added to the back of the cards in the series "Today I Begin". These individual lines have appeared on other cards in my line in the past.

Today I Begin

It's a good day to begin... or begin again.
It's never to late or too far a leap.

Today. Begin what intrigues you.
This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Say, yes!

This is one of the the cards in the series - front and back.

 This is the time of day (late afternoon) I get up from the computer, put on my walking shoes and head outdoors to see what is happening in the real world of weather, birds and bugs, flowers and tree shadows. With bubbling anticipation, I wonder who will speak to me first: crows, tulips, or cloud shapes.