A Garden of Friends

Busy, busy week but what's new about that. I've winnowed the new additions to the catalog from 44 to 29 and still may redshirt a few more until next catalog. Red shirt? Where'd the sports metaphor come from? It's Friday and the brain is pulling in anything it can use. I've slid onto the couch one too many times while Ken is watching sports.

I do have another new card to share today. Again, it is one of many versions (I shared an earlier version a few posts back) but I think I'm close with this one. Friends are a beacon and a blessing in our lives. Casting a light on our path, embracing us with their love and laughter. I am rich in friendship, and each friend I have has truly opened up a world in me. Each bringing a unique history, stories, goofiness, zaniness, irreverance (a criteria I have for friends is certainly irreverance!). I trust each one completely, love each one unconditionally.

This flower 'arrangement' is from the same Zinnia that I described in the last post. Using different slices and features, I've layerd and sculpted until suddenly this one seemed to speak, to find her voice, and tell her story - about friendship.