All that you have, All that is possible

I'll end the week by sharing a new version of one of the first cards I ever designed. I wrote about this in a previous post. It's been good luck for me to have started my greeting card line 7 years ago on this note. It still resonates for me and reminds me what's important. I've had stores request this card after it sold out last year and now that I'm working on updating my catalog I'll reintroduce this new version.

It's a simple message but gets straight to the essence of having gratitude for your life. It's a good way to greet your day - calling in possibility and making a mental 'what is right, what is good' list. Just breathe for a minute, don't think, don't move, don't judge, don't worry. Start the list and quickly add every little thing in your life that works, that you appreciate... all the grace, all the blessings, all that you love. You should have a grin beginning on your face and warmth spreading from your heart. The way you begin to feel as you name what is good,  this smile and this sweetness washing over... this is what is real. Let it carry you.