Today I Begin

I should start every Monday's post with the title, Today I Begin. It reinforces centuries of sage wisdom that assures us we can begin again, try again, be filled with hope again, be renewed again.

No matter the noise from yesterday, before rehearsing for tomorrow, in this moment, as we open our hopeful hearts to the dawn, we can profess our readiness to release expectations, to receive all that is possible, and to accept life's odd assignments (sometimes, downright crazy assignments!)

With a morning gesture of intention, we can position ourselves to receive, release, and accept. Whether we practice formal prayer or meditation, a personal morning ritual, or just gently slowly breathe in and out before the inner dialogue starts playing, we can greet the day with intention.
Receiving blessings, grace, beauty, unexpected gifts that soothe and uplift. Releasing the notion that we must control, and welcome the ebb and flow. Accepting the unpredictable conditions of life.

As the day unfolds, how do we get through all the problems that jump out of the shadows? How does our intention carry us over the churning sea of life on a daily basis? Each day is a gift but each day is also an unknown.

One of my early Today I Begin cards - from a series of four .

I don't believe there's one set of instructions for how to navigate the daily currents. I know that starting the day with an intention to release expectations and accept life's odd assignments helps. Feeling solidly grounded in your purpose helps. I know we all struggle with this, and, by this way and that, we do our best.

I'm repeating a story I've read many times but can't find right now. It goes something like this:

A wise monk was walking with his students along a river. He lost his footing and fell into a swirling current and was pulled down. The river was treacherous and deep.  The students ran along the shore looking for him to surface but feared he had drowned.  Then, suddenly they found the soaking teacher sitting on the river bank. "How did you survive such a current", they asked him. "Simple", he said, "I followed the current down when it went down and up when it went up".