Morning Greetings

Ken and I walked downtown this morning for breakfast. While we sat and waited for our food to arrive we found ourselves commenting on how great our lives are lately. Here we were on a weekday morning choosing to start work late and have a little spontaneous get-a-way.

With us, as with many, the last few years have carried a substantial (but not insurmountable) measure of stress from assorted challenges. Changes in the economy have presented challenges (also known as opportunities) to look at how we do things and learn to work smarter and be more innovative. We lost a dear family member, had another suffer serious medical problems, add these to other changes and disappointments and the tensions have built in body and spirit. Still, compared to many in our big human family, we are surviving and thriving. Lately, we are both exhaling... and appreciating what we have, what we have gained in wisdom, and how blessed we are. I know, for me, it matters that the world of nature is waking up - I can't separate myself from this phenomenon. I'm becoming remystified all over again with the wonder of it.

Hope is sitting back on the throne in my heart, reigning over my fears, frustrations, and tensions. I felt a feeling of letting go the other evening, a feeling that surprises me from time to time - mainly, because I don't realize how wound and stressed I've become. For a little while, I was very aware of a deep relaxing surrender in a part of my soul; I witnessed my worry melting; I bore witness to a shift in my countenance, and the afterglow is continuing days later. It began during a long quiet soak in the tub. I owe this melting partly to spring intoxication, partly to releasing certain judgments and worries, partly to remembering that I have blessings upon blessings that make my life glow.

Later in the morning, after Ken and I finished breakfast, we walked over to Flower Tyme (click to see earlier post), where I worked many years ago and first learned floral design. I wanted to check with Lou Ann, the owner, about another friend who works there and who lost her husband yesterday after a debilitating illness. He was a master gardener who inspired many with his glorious rows of dahlias and his hothouse spilling over with an astounding cactus collection. How can you console or offer words in the face of such loss. It's part of the mystery but a difficult and trembling truth to fathom.

Lou Ann and I spoke about other things. Her shop is a beautiful mix of flowers and meaningful gifts and cards - all curated with a floral designer's sensibility. She carries some of my products and I told her I'd be reissuing a few old styles and adding new ones later this spring. The series she would like to see (it's been sold out of my wholesale line) is what she called 'the morning greetings'. Here is the first one in the series and one of the first cards I ever designed in 2003.

Greeting card available on my website.
Greet each morning recalling all that is right, all that is good, all that you have, and all that is possible.

Dedicated to Dennis whose light lives on in the sparkles of radiance around the flower rows.