Spring Equinox, March 20th - 10:32 PT

The clematis vine on my front porch is in full bloom. And, because we’ve had some warm days - almost 70 degrees this week, the intoxicating fragrance has drifted through the open front door. To get the full effect, I go outside and, breathing deeply, walk back and forth under the arch of waxy, long, lanceolate leaves and snowy expanse of white flowers. It’s my spring elixir and I can’t get enough.

Ken ran out and took these pictures for me this morning.

I have a highly-sensitive olfactory connection to the environment around me, and an especially close relationship with our clematis. This current cycle of blooming, with the heady waves of fragrance, brings on a giddy, sensual intoxication. I can think of no other way to describe it. When my daughter was an adolescent, she would roll her eyes when I began to describe a spring or summer experience in nature. “I know… ‘it’s intoxicating’”, she would say, mimicking my expression (as only an adolescent girl can do). At least I was giving her a healthy early definition of intoxication. Now she just smiles, and doesn’t make fun of me anymore, because now she knows. She is a wilderness guide and, like me, can’t get enough of the full sensory impact of intoxicating experiences in nature.

In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been pondering the notion of answers that don’t have questions, and offered Spring as an example. This complete intoxication of the senses, as Spring erupts around us, is not just an answer… it’s an entire declaration of life.

Coming out of hibernation, shaking off the gloom and fog, and sleepy pose of winter, our senses are assaulted with every form of pleasure. Light returns and life is renewed. We’ve patiently waited for light to return, while letting ourselves recharge, as nature does.

Reawakening, we’re ready for the cycle of growth, and the momentum that carries us toward the longest day of the year at Summer Solstice. At Equinox night and day are in balance. Solstices are times of pause at the peak of dark or light. Equinox are times of initiation - growing toward day force or night force. Spring Equinox is all about beginning and becoming. Nature points the way; seeds and bulbs and other systems below the ground have been working quietly to bring forth a shoot, a leaf, a bud. In our lives, we are ready to bloom, to face the sun, ready to embrace the waxing day force.

I had mentioned earlier that I thought this would be a good time to initiate new plans, to check in with yourself and remember what you were born to do. Certain times during the year seem to support beginning or recharging plans and dreams. Some people use New Year’s; I like to use my birthday. I think Spring Equinox also falls into this category… to rebirth your promise and remember your song as the earth is reborn around you. The life force is rising in all living things. From clusters of flower buds to bear-cubs, life is bouncing into bloom. What a great time to initiate change, growth, and bold new endeavors. It’s the time to plant the seeds of your vision for a future harvest. It’s also a good time to detoxify body, mind and spirit – to purge and cleanse the cobwebby, crusty energy of winter.

"It's never too late to begin what intrigues you" - this card includes dogwood and zinnia and sunflower calyx. You can see the print here.  I'll have the card in my Etsy store soon.

As of right now, consider yourself liberated from the winter dream; the seat-belt sign is off, feel free to roam and wander in full light. It’s a juicy, fertile time of growth, expansion, possibility. Really, it’s just so intoxicating... and it's never too late to begin.