Clematis and Blue Jays

The clematis photo I added to my post last month was of tight buds… still in slumber, but starting to stretch. The voice of Winter reminded us that in due time the buds would open, broadcast their fragrance, delight us… in due time. The earth was still quietly cold and dormant - recharging, renewing, drawn into itself.

This week evidence is strong that life will erupt soon enough. The buds have started to open just a little. The other day, I noticed a blue jay checking out our clematis arbor for a nesting site. I wondered if it watched the buds like I did and felt the same little charge of cheer as the blooms began to open. About 5 years ago, another blue jay family built a nest here, and we watched (the arbor is against the window in our dining room) the skinny babies bob around until their wings would hold them. Watched them leap out awkwardly flapping and falling, until they learned to do what they were born to do - take flight! It became a memorable part of our year then, and now I’m wondering if we’ll again get to witness this little microcosm of life beginning.

She’s waking up, our Mother is! I take cheer in that throughout the day. I’m looking and finding reassurance and evidence everywhere, confirmation that every form of life is doing what it’s born to do: forsythia covered in yellow droplets, white stars dancing on the flowering plum tree, the very intense salmon of the Japanese quince, daffodils can hardly contain themselves. I will do what I was born to do… enjoy all this beauty and mystery... become once again, energized, renewed, remystified. I bow to our Mother. What a performance!