Catching Up

Catching up from a week out of town. We traveled to Portland, OR from our home in southern Oregon about 5 hours away. Stayed with my daughter-in-law, her husband and our granddaughter Sophie. Portland is one of the most livable and interesting cities in the country. We had a blast going to the zoo, eating at exceptional restaurants, walking in great neighborhoods. Had lunch with my friend, Tonia, and came away so recharged and full of ideas and support for art-making as can only happen with a kindred spirit. Good for the soul and imagination to step away from normal routines and immerse in a vibrant city such as Portland. Examples of remarkable creativity and originality in art, design, and culture... blossoming everywhere.

Took a day trip to Seattle from Portland to visit with the distributor for my Golden Flower Studio card line - I'm moving my shipping operation back to Ashland but continue to have the national rep team based in Seattle. Nice to be seeing a long-awaited upswing in enthusiasm and sales after the downturn kept everyone working leaner and meaner. I'm excited to be managing and promoting the line more closely. I love and appreciate the wonderful little shops, florists, gift galleries, art spaces, book stores who carry my cards - many have been with me since the beginning in 2003. I have new ideas I hope to develop this year as I refocus on Golden Flower Studio. This little card line is still going strong!

As I soaked in all the new evidence of Spring up and down the state, I found myself pondering this thought: We often hear that there are no answers, only questions. But as we drove the long road home on Sunday, enjoying the growing light and color in the landscape, I thought of the notion of answers that don't have questions. An answer can carry its question as a hidden secret. Spring is an example - it offers evidence of something, proof of something, an answer we've waited for, a moment we've waited for. I will continue with this thought on Friday as a segue to Spirng Equinox... and maybe add some pics from my trip.

This is a special time of year for me because it's my daughter's birthday tomorrow, the 16th. On March 15th, 32 years ago, I went into labor on a gorgeous and unforgettable, warm spring evening... with daffodils blooming everywhere. I can't help but always link this time with the best memory of my life.