Winter Wisdom

It’s my nature to tie most of life’s experiences and events to the metaphor of natural cycles. Maybe more than a metaphor... I think, as women, we know these cycles through our bodies and emotions. Earlier this week, I wrote this on my Fearless blog: Through the Mother, we are deeply, inextricably linked to the Mystery - to the cycles and seasons of birth, death, decay, renewal. We bleed under the spell of the moon and tides. We run with the wolves (from the book of the same title).

Nature is wisdom - her voice is always true. When everything seems confusing and loud, when the noise is deafening... look out at a landscape, at the sky, at rippling water - or still water, and there is a presence... a presence you can fall into and be whole.

Around us, Winter is still entirely evident, and in some places entirely harsh. We're at the peak of Winter, half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and just about 5 weeks to daylight savings (I am in countdown mode!). Even though Winter is exalted right now, there is the first evidence of life reemerging (see my last post).

Nature is telling us that hope is building. The first buds will endure and blossoms will arrive in due time. And even now, when life is in decline - as gray and dismal and cold as it gets, little seeds deep in the earth hold a spark and a code to continue.

In Due Time
I use this winter metaphor to carry me through when I'm impatient and wanting my dreams and ideas to burst into full expression before conditions are right: Readiness is important, patience (not my strong suit) must be practiced. Knowing there's a flow within the Mystery... and being in sych with that flow. My song is not muted by Winter conditions - the notes may be soft and low, but they are potent... like the seeds germinating. In due time.

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Through darkness or distress, unexpected little frustrations or big losses, don’t be hard on yourself. The little buds of promise will blossom into full expression. Believe it.

Coming Monday Feb 8: Booting Up the Circle of Promise