What the Song Keeper Told:
Rituals for calling back your song.

Purpose: To set the stage and create an atmosphere for the annual celebration of welcoming back your song on your birthday (see last post about your birth day).

Preparing in this way for your birthday is to return to the beginning, to remember how weeks of preparation and anticipation set the stage for your birth, to remember how you were welcomed with sweet loving care, to remember again how everyone sighed and grinned and marveled as you yawned and stretched. And most of all, to remember how safe and supported you were in being your perfect beautiful self… to remember how you arrived with a song, a promise, a light in your soul, with gifts to bring to the world.

If this is the first time you approach your birthday with this intention then begin to anticipate in the month before. Anticipation is the first step. Let your mind imagine and anticipate that magic is afoot, that something special is about to happen (just like before your birth). Your heart will follow suit because it likes magic and fun and pleasure. You know the feeling… when you look forward to time with friends you love, who let you be completely yourself… and somewhat abandon your inhibitions (you can fill in the rest)… that kind of anticipation.

In subsequent years it will be easier to prepare because you’ll know what suits you and opens you up and brings you back to the beginning. This birth day remembering should occur the week before or after (or both) your birthday.

from the series, You Have a Song to Sing

Setting the stage for remembering your song:
1. Go away for a personal retreat. Solitary retreats are good for the following reasons: You’ll want to be still and to listen. You’ll want to pamper and nurture yourself without worrying if anyone else is having a good time. You’ll want to be spontaneous in following your own natural rhythms for sleeping, eating, walking, reading, writing, art-making and especially imagining.

2. If you can’t actually go away, pretend you’re having a personal retreat by scheduling time to be with yourself at your own pace. Having one personal retreat under your belt helps you to know the best conditions for listening. Think long baths, sweet music, fragrant tea, glass of wine, cozy warm naps. Follow with writing, art, flower-arranging, altar-making, decorating yourself with favorite jewels, clothes. Create your song in form.

3. Schedule a massage or other pampering body gift. Hair cut/color, manicure, pedicure. Massage is my favorite - if you can swing it add in other spa services. Your body remembers your song. You may weep when the memories surface. You may even say out loud: I remember who I am!

4. Throw a party for yourself but give your friends the gifts - gifts that express the promise held in your song. Tell your friends to write wishes for you but not bring actual gifts. At your party, announce what you remember about your song and share changes you expect to make in the coming year. Have a guest book for friends to write their wishes in.

5. Create a 'song altar' or setting where for the few weeks around your birthday you add symbols and objects and blessings and wishes.

6. Act on new insights and revelations. Buy a sketchbook, an art book, bring into your life a symbol for the new direction you see ahead, research a route to contribute your gifts.

You’re probably getting the message by now: The key word is intention. Use the pre-birthday anticipation and preparation for the intention of summoning back and celebrating your song. Plan the rituals, retreat, and activities with intention. Over and over, say to yourself: I remember who I am. I remember my promise. I remember my song.

Try it this year. Your birthday will never be the same again.

I came across this quote recently on someone’s bio in an art gallery:

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity.
Carl Jung

I love the idea of the 'play instinct'!