What the Song Keeper Told:
Birthdays are for remembering your birth day!

I’ve chosen the time around my birthday each year to quiet the noise around me, to step away from all that is familiar, and to summon back the song of my soul.

Usually, I leave for a private retreat at the coast to perform the spells and rituals I learned many years ago when one of my muses, a Song Keeper named Florese, whirled into my life from somewhere beyond. A proper introduction to Florese, who dwells deep in the Mystery, is a longer story (connected to flower magic, of course!) for another time. But if you can meet me halfway between Keeper fandom and disbelief, I’ll share some of her wisdom.

If you’ve seen my art and writing about songs and Circles, and the soul’s yearning to live its promise, you’ll understand why I say your song is never, ever, silenced. No matter what. And, probably, you’ll not be surprised that a muse named Florese would show up in my life. Those who know me would ask why it took so long to reveal her name.

Life grows a crust over your soul, calcifies and clouds the fluid pulse of your promise, and mutes your song (but DOES NOT silence it!). Florese describes why each birthday is a time when conditions are perfect for calling back your song… for listening. And following in the Keeper tradition, she offers spells, rituals and suggestions for how to be receptive.

Background notes: My friend Colleen, a Unitarian minister, wrote a book about welcoming babies at birth, which, for me, laid the groundwork for encounters of a 'Keeper' kind. Colleen says it’s important to know your birth story, and on each birthday to recall and honor the time of your birth when your innocent, sparkling spirit was full of promise. Florese took it from there. (I’m also greatly influenced by James Hillman’s book, The Soul’s Code… the title alone should tell you.)

Next post I’ll describe the heart and soul of birth day recalling… so you can practice on your next birthday. I just had a birthday on Saturday, and one of the rituals from Florese is to give the gift of your gift which if you follow the logic gets you a gift in return. For me, this culminates a week of giving gifts.. I love the look on someone's face when they receive a gift from me on my birthday.

“Long before today, even before you were born, you were whispered a fascinating story of purpose and potential. You have a mission from the Mystery that is yours and yours alone.” Florese, Song Keeper

"What the Song Keeper Told" is the title of a story and workbook, I'm completing. It ties together all the snippets of background, rituals, and spells to help you discover your song - heavily influenced by my association with Florese. Copyright Jeannine Roberts Royce