Today is For You

A photo from our walk last week through the alleys and back streets. It was such a gift to find this message scrawled below the electric meter. Today, is for you! ...I'm passing along the gift.

I think about the idea of gifts alot. The gifts we contribute to the world (a persistent theme running through my work) of our unique talents and wisdom, the gifts we choose to give others for birthdays and holidays, and just because. The gift of unconditionally expressing our love and compassion. And the gifts that come into our lives, both directly from others, and the ones that arrive as grace to fulfill a need, a wish, a dream. The gift of our breath and our beating heart. The gift of today, ripe with opportunity.

One of the first styles from my card line 6 years ago.

I've always believed this, but it seems research is confirming it: Regular giving of gifts is good for your health. In Natural Health Magazine, an article quotes Judith Orloff MD, "Gift giving is a transfer of energy from one person to another that causes stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to decrease and endorphins to increase for both receiver and giver." The article goes on to describe how a woman with multiple sclerosis alleviated her symptoms by giving 29 gifts in 29 days. I just love this idea! I'm going to find ways to practice this more in my life. Randomly, surprise someone with a gift and selfishly enjoy the edorphins. Who couldn't use a little endorphin rush.