Ritual and Forgiveness

Today: Ritual and Forgiveness in the context of opening the Circle of Promise - addendum/closure for Feb. 8 post. I revisit the Circle of Promise often because it's the foundation for a lot of my work and art.

In my last post I should have made reference to the entire sequence of posts about the process I've developed (after a strong epiphany years ago!) called the Circle of Promise. See posts from January 4-12 if you're interested in reading from the beginning.

1. Ritual: I believe doing something or making something to symbolize an experience, deepens the experience and anchors it. For eons rituals have infused meaning into activities, especially those of a spiritual nature. Actively opening a circle of good intention, by using symbolic gestures repeated each morning, creates a powerful ground for possibility. Ok, it's just my opinion, and as I've said, I only know what I know. I don't recommend anything unless I've tested it out on myself and have some consensus from a wider circle.

2. Forgiveness: When you enter the Circle of Promise there is no blame, shame, or judgement. All is forgiven - the day begins full of promise. It became obvious to me along the way that when I open the Circle of Promise I cease replaying the past, rehearsing the future, or resisting the present. I forgive my own missteps and mistakes and I release all judgement of others. Again, the center of the Circle is where your song is born, where it is held safely and purely. It just feels so good to me to begin again each day - releasing all that does not support me in sharing my gifts. I'm not so naive to suggest that a lifetime of blame, shame, and judgement is forgiven with one symbolic gesture. But it's a start.

This is one of my earliest cards - 2003. From a set of 4. No longer available, but I may reintroduce it at some point.

This seems to be a theme I am always coming back to:
Begin again each day. Let your voice and your passion rise as a testament to your promise. Share your wisdom with love.

Coming Monday Feb. 15: What the Song-Keeper Told - birth day celebrations for remembering