New Format for My Main Blog

First, you'll notice a new header and title art above. That is the beginning of a minor overhaul on this blog. I'll be transitioning to a new focus for this blog over the coming weeks and updating some features. Each week I'll introduce a theme (based on my art and writing, and topics I just can‘t resist) which in some cases may evolve over several posts, as the Circle of Promise exercises did. I’ll tie in spells, rituals, ceremonies and blessings to root intentions into the home soil of spirit. I’ll post here on my main blog usually Monday with brief final words on Friday, kind of like book ends for the week.

I’ll post on my Fearless blog on Wednesday. This Weds. the topic is The Feminine in the context of Fearless or maybe the other way around. How does the Fierce Feminine reconnect us to the Mystery?

Writing is my primary focus this year and I‘m acting to affirm that intention. I’ll use my blogs to bring to the surface and share ideas that are percolating. As far as my art, I’ll continue to include floral illustration but I’m also exploring other themes and media. My nearly completed studio space is opening a creative portal I’m ready to enter. This week I’ll bless the new room as a space of unconditional safety and nurturing. Very womb-like.

Some themes coming up in February on the main blog JRR:
Feb. 2: Cross-quarter wisdom
Feb. 8: Booting up the Circle of Promise - a daily ritual
Feb. 15: What the Song-Keeper Told - birth day celebrations for remembering


To me January is like the Monday morning of the year. The warm glow of the holidays is over and no matter what I do to psych myself into a resolution state of mind, really, I just want January to be over. Maybe a bad attitude on my part, but when you think about it, January is not the time to be leaping and reinventing your life, or at least not putting new goals into practice with an explosion of enthusiasm and momentum. It’s still time to rest. Listen to your Mother.

Around the first of February we reach the half-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox - what some call a cross-quarter.The first brave buds on my clematis are out, and although it’s the apex of winteryness, they suggest to me that Mother Earth will fulfill her promise… in due time. When I see this display of brave buds, little bumps of new growth, I am always startled (but hopeful!). These delicate, vulnerable-looking buds will have to face continued freezing weather with little light or care. How will they survive the inevitable assaults of ice and snow and wind until spring?

photo by Ken Royce

Here’s the secret: They are still somewhat dormant. Still snoozing. Still tightly holding their gifts of bloom and fruit and scent and beauty. Mother Earth still needs her rest. Renewal of the life force is not yet complete and so instructions for further growth are withheld until timing and conditions are optimum.
When Mother Earth insists she still needs her rest, you have to ask: What is she trying to tell us about pacing and timing?

Though life has begun to stir, it’s still the time of germination. At Winter Solstice we experienced the pause of absolute stillness in darkness. The pause has begun to give way to expansion and renewal, the pulse of life picks up… but rest and reflection are still necessary before giving our full focus and energy to change. Now is the time to sow seeds for dreams, ideas, new beginnings - the first step in initiating change. It is important to be gentle with ourselves as we welcome back light and possibility. It’s a good time to look closely at what doesn’t serve you and toss it over your shoulder or drop it to the ground like an old worn coat that is too heavy and ill suited for how you see yourself now.


Make it your business, your assignment to locate new growth around you - flower buds, spiky iris shoots, new bumps on branches. Take time to sit still and breathe until your breath is synchronized with the pulse of nature and until you feel bud-like in your body - full of potential and ready to be born anew.
What does it feel to be bud-like? Remember you and your dreams need care and gentleness to bloom.

Set the Stage With Art, Writing, Ritual:

Find or draw a picture of a bud or bring a branch with a bud indoors to study.
Draw a map of a garden plot. What do you want in your garden this year? How will you plant, cultivate, nurture the new growth? What do you need to do to prepare the ground? If you worked on your Circle of Promise (the process I shared in previous posts), add seed ideas to the outer circles where dreams become energized and prepare to manifest.