A Daily Ritual for Opening the Circle of Promise (aka booting up the Circle of Promise)

It is important to open your day with intention. To greet each morning vowing to live your truth. To begin again as though all things are possible and all doors will open.

You can download this to your desktop (personal use only) for meditation and centering. Available in my Etsy shop as part of a set of 4 different Sunflower cards.
There are many ways and many rituals to open the Circle of Promise. The main thing is to do it  at first light, as your first intention of the new day, part of your morning routine. Before you speak to anyone, or get caught in the spin of work and life, say, and if possible, symbolize your intention very soon after you rise.

Before your sleepy head has a chance to doubt, judge, or otherwise sabotage a perfectly ripe day, acknowledge and express gratitude for the ripeness, the fecundity, the promise of this day before you.

You can download this to your desktop (personal use only) for meditation and centering. I'll have a print and greeting card available soon.

Opening the Circle of Promise

I open the Circle of Promise, the Circle of light and love. Within this sacred Circle I receive everything I need to live my truth. Here is where my promise is held, where the seed of my song is alive. I call on my guides and guardians to enter the Circle and stand with me as I begin my day. With gratitude, I accept the gift of this day, the gift of my breath, my beating heart, the gift of my gifts, the gift of my potential. Today, I receive …..

As you say, 'today I receive', you should express what you need right now, today. Is it clarity, opportunity, manifestation of a vision, abundance, the means or support to achieve a goal? As your heart opens, do you express a teary petition for help, or a joyful recognition of certainty? I’ve done both - an optimistic state of wholeness is not required to receive a blessing. Regardless of your morning state of mind and emotions, if your heart is fully open, it acts as a receptor site for blessings. You've set up a configuration to respond as accepter and receptor, the counterpart of a blessing. As much as you need them, blessings need to be needed, desired, petitioned. I believe this is a law of physics. Or it will be.

If you have privacy, open the Circle out loud, otherwise, say it quietly to yourself in the shower, or internally as a morning prayer, as you begin your routines. As in any new practice, intention and repetition result in habit. Soon, in response to waking, the words are on your lips. I have had the experience of waking in the middle of the night and the words began saying themselves.

In addition to uttering the words for opening the Circle of Promise, it’s good to perform a ritual to anchor the meaning and intention of what you‘re saying. Light a candle, draw a card, write something in a journal if you have time. Do anything ritual-like that symbolizes that the day has begun and you've set the stage with your intention.

I draw from a set of angel cards after I open the Circle and then sit for a minute listening for a theme or word I need to center and anchor me in the day. Lastly, I use a variation on a Buddhist prayer/meditation to send intention into the world for healing and wholeness. Where there is hate, let there be love. Where there is poverty, let there be prosperity. Where there is sickness... etc. I've added in courage, wholeness, serenity, acceptance, hope - for fear, depression, anxiety, judgement, despair. At the end I include a few words for anyone I know who needs support.

Again, any variation on this theme that works for you is perfect. Just let it be an automatic response to waking. I am personally connected and energized by the 'center' where my purpose and promise are held. I share this Circle of Promise ritual in that context. I do my best to bring my intention here daily, so that my efforts are anchored in the purest form of my promise. Not always do I do this but most of the time... and I've done it for many, many years so it is now a very easy habit.

On Friday I'll share more about the importance of rituals, and a little about how forgiveness plays into this particular ritual.

Until then, let the blessings pour in.