Your Own North Star

This is for Karima who commented on post below. And also for Julia.
Thanks for surfacing, Karima! And thanks to Julia for recent comments. Karima, I love the notion of  'the necessity of creativity' that you mentioned. It is necessary to be fully expressing your promise. I think sometimes people who don't see themselves as 'art-makers', or are new to art-making, believe they are not 'creative'. So not true!

I believe a creative life is one in which you imagine a world where love and compassion and beauty and truth and kinship are exalted and you contribute your own unique wisdom and gifts to help create that picture.

Living the creative life is simply discovering, embracing, owning your own individual journey. Art-making is how some people symbolically use their voice... but there are so many ways to use your voice and share your wisdom.

Print above is from my Dogwood series, using original photos of Dogwood blossoms. Available on my website.

You have permission to follow your own North Star.