To Bring Forth Your Promise
Beginning Thursday - you're invited to create a Circle of Promise

There have been so many lists and reflections on the last year and this cycle of economic downturn. Collectively, we've been thrust into a new paradigm and here is why I think it is a good thing on many levels: We are learning to be more resourceful. We've become more mindful of what we consume and, most of all, we've become hyper-aware of what's important.

Hardly do I hear someone's story of loss - of home, job, opportunity, savings - without a reflective comment about what they came to terms with in the big picture: "I don't need most of what I thought I needed", "I've stopped wanting stuff", "I'm using this crisis/loss/change as an opportunity to decide what I really want to do with my life".

And, that leads me to introduce a series of posts I have planned. After many years in social services and education - teaching students and clients to identify their gifts and act accordingly - I created (or fell into) a process to apply these principles to my own life. As I've told in past posts, I experienced a health crisis and chose to dramatically change my life. All of my current art, writing, blogging sprouted from this process.

This illustration is from the series You Have a Song to Sing

Starting on Thursday of this week, I'll begin sharing a step-by-step process that launched my own life of leaping (sometimes landing on my face - no net in sight) in pursuit of authentic living ... all to the tune of  The Song of Your Soul (and yes, you can dance to it.... I prefer the tango).

What do you really want to do with your life? What are your gifts? Is it time to consider a leap? Might you have a song to sing, a trail to blaze, a mountain to climb, a star with your name on it. What are you waiting for?

Bring your art supplies. We'll create a mandala, a field of energy and promise, that holds your wisdom and your gifts, and blossoming out in concentric circles you'll identify tools and support to carry your gifts out into the world. And, you'll have a very cool and beautiful chart of your soul's yearning (embedded with your song) to hang on the wall, or folded into a beautiful case... you can make that, too!

I'll supply more background on Thursday. I'm really excited to share this because, I've discovered, that is what I'm born to do.

Catching up on what I've been up to: Not much!
For all the art and writing that I compose on the computer, I really don't like sitting at the computer so much. So, I decided just to follow my natural rhythms last week and extend my break from work (much of that sitting at the computer) and nourish my creativity in other ways (extra sleeping, reading, walking, silence) - I consciously let myself just drift for awhile, taking care of only essential work committments. As much as I love my work, I like to move around more than what my work will sometimes allow. Slowing down and paying attention has allowed me to feel recharged and inspired about the year unfolding. I feel so energized and enthused about 2010! I'll share new plans and new work over the coming months.