Solstice Grandmother

I've always imagined a special guide or medicine woman who appears when I am befuddled about my purpose or falling into a generally confused and cranky attitude. Someone who can teach me about embracing darkness whenever and wherever it occurs. When I constructed this Grandmother of Winter I projected all my needs for the grandmothers I never had. My paternal grandmother died before I was born and maternal grandmother died when I was 5. I've never had the wonderful grandmother energy in my life that my own daughter receives in abundance from my mom.

The Wise Woman of Winter
with prayers for peace and harmony

So I created a grandmother who would remind me that there is a  source of wise counsel when I need it. This one holds a little pouch carrying a prayer for peace. She is layered with pieces of preserved cedar... symbolic of protection and cleansing. Red canella berries adorn her hair - canella tree is used magically for divination in South America. She is constructed over a spiral grapevine armature. Both the spiral and grapevine full of symbolism. Grapevine - symbolic in many cultures, often as regeneration. Spiral - when used as container or vessel represents the womb, the feminine, or the creative. Her hair is wool from sheep my brother was growing at the time.

Her message is one of SOLACE, HOPE, PROMISE. She encourages us to find RESPITE in the stillness, to REFLECT on where we have come from and INTEGRATE this with INTENTIONS for the coming new year, as light returns. No matter how dark or unclear the way forward, she assures us we are LOVED, SAFE, PROTECTED.  That is the essence of Solstice.

Have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy all the moments. Take very good care of yourself.

"... you who are earth too, and listen as we speak to each other of what we know: the light is in us."    Susan Griffin - from Women and Nature