Tea Bag Quote

I have to share my tea bag quote today. Each teabag has a quote on the little square paper that holds the string. I use a Yogi tea called Immune Support (among many others). My natural medicine is Sunshine... and there's not much to be found in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. Now I take substantial Vit D on the advice of my doctor and it's made a huge, huge difference. Really recommend everyone getting tested.

I've needed to work on my immune system in recent years on a pretty regular basis. I have a formula of herbs and food and supplements and rest and exercise (I walk everywhere and hike in the hills above me) that actually works for me... when I pay attention. Probably exercise is at the top of the list when I'm making choices about how to dole out my limited amount of discipline. And this Immune tea along with an Immune Defense tincture by HerbPharm and the rest of the list are always close at hand (zinc, Vit C etc etc).

After that intro with my witch's brew of remedies... Here is the quote:
"One of the best actions we can take, with courage, is to relax."
Somehow this speaks to one of the Solstice themes: To Pause at the Time of Stillness

This is also the time when expectations and pressures to get stuff for people and to put on or attend glorious gatherings and events hits a peak. Be conscious as you can about your choices. Especially choices about how you are treating yourself. Just be conscious. Here's one thing I know from experience: Sugar depresses the immune system. So, moderation is the key if you are vulnerable like me. Don't let your defense shield down if you can help it.

On another note.... here is a blog I've started to read that I just love. You probably know Oriah from her book, The Invitation. Today she writes with insight about Solstice: http://oriahsinvitation.blogspot.com/