Boxed Gift Set

I must thank a customer and good friend who more or less commissioned this full set of Fearless cards. I needed to re-draft this art from the print format to card layouts... so I was going to wait until after the first of the year when I'll be sending out art submissions again. But I promised her I'd work on it and then couldn't stop until I saw them all worked out. She was so pleased with the result I decided to go ahead and list them on Etsy and soon on my website.

This is a great gift for Holiday time (or anytime of year) for all those feisty, bold-hearted women you know. You can break up the set into 3 or 4 bundles for different friends and, if you let me know, I'll send additional gift tags, ribbon and boxes for no extra charge. In fact, I'll even put it all together for you. You can add your own additional little gifts to the box to encourage/acknowledge Fearless in the recipients.

See all 12 as individual cards and read the inside captions on Etsy.

Through 12-20 all orders over 20.00 will ship USPS 2-3 day Priority from my Etsy store or my website at no extra charge.

Below is a sample of the inside text/font.