Essence of Hope

This is a 5x7 card from my Holiday line. Available on my website.

Front of card:
Even as we reach the stillpoint of the longest night, enduring Seeds of Life stir beneath a dormant earth.
Inside card:
Light returns as promised.

The sentiments expressed in this card distill all my attempts to describe Solstice. And in describing Solstice, to express the essence of HOPE that lies at the heart of darkness.

Often when I write for the purpose of adding words to an illustration, or sometimes starting with words that will inspire a design, I'll write and research and ponder and explore from every angle to get at the exact right nugget, the right little cluster of words. A type of haiku or poetic form emerges that holds power and intention... but is clear, and resonates with truth. That's what I aim for... some efforts are more successful than others.

Before I begin to compose the 'nugget', something has stirred in me. I let it speak and find its form. And when all the words are layed out, I consider the shape, and rhythm, and sound of the 'nugget'. Is the design of this group of words pleasing and in harmony with the intention and the art? Can you dance to it?

When I design an illustration with art and words about Solstice... it should open the heart to the essence of Solstice or an aspect of that essence. So that if I send this out to the world and it arrives on someone's kitchen counter, or desk, or hall table, or office, it will cause one to pause and ponder this idea of HOPE at the heart of darkness... Of the energy stirring in the Seeds of Life.

Think about it... all the HOPE and all the potential for the continuation of Life and the renewal of Light that is held in darkness. This is what we celebrate at Solstice. The miracle and the mystery.