She Blesses Her Wounds

"She blesses all of her wounds as important gifts that bestow wisdom and grace. She accepts and blesses the dark parts, the hurts. She leaves what might have been to become available to herself and what is." From the illustration, She Blesses Her Wounds... in the series A Fearless Woman.

This post will tie the last 3 or 4 posts together (beginning with Oct. 30)... I hope!

In Autumn, and through Winter, darkness grows as life is dying back and disappearing across the earth - but like Persephone, is resurrected again in spring. Persephone snatched from her mother, Demeter, by Hades and taken to the darkness of the underworld is the perfect transformation metaphor and somehow fits with my own story.

One added note in the context of telling my story: I've been researching my French Canadian/Acadian ancestry - through both my maternal grandparents. I've traced the Davignon's (grandmother, Olena Davignon) from Quebec to the 1400's in France. Was most intrigued with the Acadian stories (my grandfather's Chasse side) and Wordsworth's poem, Evangeline, recounting the tragic fate of the Acadians, dispossessed of their homeland. I've been looking at this ancestry as part of the ongoing effort to put my life and my work in context. And, it's just plain fun. The first chakra includes issues of family/tribe/survival.

The chakras (I've been referring to the first 3 chakras in my last few posts), by the way, can be seen as just another system we can use to understand and clear old patterns and pictures, and ignite our potential. Eastern philosophy and practices have a special resonance for me. But, really, I look for the common threads of compassion and kindness and love in all religions.

Ok, let's see if I can pull all my ramblings together:
Fiery orchids... Autumn colors... lower chakras (family/expression/self)... Persephone story... Halloween/Celtic Samhain... breast cancer (pruning)... breathing... rebirth... my ancestry...

Autumn is at the heart of all these associations, symbols, metaphors. Autumn is transformational like spring; Autumn is the end of growth and spring is the beginning. Autumn furthers the process of life by providing rich compost for germinating new seeds of growth in the spring. We are about to descend into the darkness again (like Persephone) - slowly advancing toward the stillness of Winter Solstice... the absolute heart of darkness.

All of these associations and symbols are tied to my history and my ever active and imaginative processing... all very personal but with themes common to all of us. I love stories of transformation and share mine in the spirit of mutual enrichment. I love how we each harvest our wisdom.

May we bless our wounds both physical and emotional.. for how they feed our growth... deepen our wisdom... and bring wholeness.