A Fiery Passion

A red burning Sunflower is featured in this Fearless Woman card - another in the series I've been introducing. As I mentioned, I designed these cards for a special order. I wasn't planning to release them until early next year, but sometimes an unexpected prompt will change one's direction. They are based on the illustrations from the series, A Fearless Woman.

I call the set of  Fearless illustrations 'Profiles of Passion and Resilience'. I see them as badges or shields, or maybe signposts, in the Fearless landscape. When composing the Profiles, I asked, What does a Fearless Woman look like? What does she know? How does she behave? How did she get from fear or failure to Fearless and Bold? By the way, I decided that she DOESN'T behave.

Hand-glittered 5x7 card: Printed on a premium, ivory, felt-finish (subtle texture) FSC-certified paper - milled with renewable energy. There will be 7 cards in this initial release at 3.95 each or 7 for 22.00. Available in my Etsy store this week.

Front: She Burns With a Fiery Passion.
Inside: Her fearless stance is held with a calm and poise belying the fire and focus at her core. Her passion burns freely... igniting her dreams, illuminating her truth.

The fiery fall colors are fading and falling. Remember how they drove us to near delirium? Let that delight smolder on. The imprint of those burning colors can live inside of us now... igniting our dreams and illuminating our path.

"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it".  Buddha