A Fearless Woman
card set

Just completed a custom set of Fearless Woman cards (based on illustrations from series A Fearless Woman)  - customer is ordering bundles of cards to give as holiday gifts, each with a different theme. Thought I'd introduce the set here, too. A Fearless "manifesto" is in the works and I will make available soon - but, still polishing - this is part of bigger project.

I've been working on different art and writing projects since summer to submit after first of year - hoping to find publishers/manufacturers to team up with. This became so much more involved than I expected. Due somewhat to the fact that I have TOO MUCH material! Hard to edit and hard to narrow down the concepts. I decided at one point not to set artificial deadlines and take whatever time it takes. As a result I am living my writing/creating life to the fullest these days. And writing stories!! Yes, stories, of all things.

Now that I am seeing 'where my passion is most at play' (this phrase from one of my illustrations) these days I have more enthusiasm than ever to present my work. Many obstacles behind me and much support going forward. And it makes the rest of 2009 so much more fun!

I'll introduce this new set of 7 cards over the next week or so and then have a special on the entire set.

First up:

Front: She Leaps. But Where's the Net?
Inside: As sure as she leaps there's a fall somewhere in her future. With all due respect, the net may or may not appear. A Fearless Woman leaps anyway. And leaps again and again and....

Who needs a little nudge to make that leap?

There's a great quote I've come across and can't put my hands on right now but it's something like this: "When you're wrestling with a gorilla, you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired."

Don't give up, don't hold back, don't look back, don't stand back.  And as I've said again and again... don't behave.