The Depths of Her Power
... with wisdom and grace

Front: She Explores the Depths of Her Power
Inside: As life ripens and seasons her, failure and pain is inevitable, defeat is optional. A fearless woman gains wisdom from failure - as well as courage, knowledge, fortitude... and a little attitude.

Front: She Blesses Her Wounds
Inside: She blesses all of her wounds as important gifts that bestow wisdom and grace. She accepts and blesses the dark parts, the hurts. She leaves what might have been to become available to herself and what is.

Above are cards #6 & #7 in the Fearless Woman card set. Full set now available on Etsy @ 22.00 for 7 cards. I'm so happy with how they've turned out. A great holiday gift for Fearless Women.

The ideas of power (energy) and wounds (history) remind of the work of Caroline Myss, the teacher and energy intuitive. She wrote Anatomy of the Spirit and many other books on healing and energy.

On one of her tapes she used a great metaphor I've always loved and I'll try to paraphrase the main thrust of it:
She asks you to think of your energy and power as a 100 watt bulb. Then imagine a lifetime of hurts, resentments, and anger that are tangled in relationships with others. Lets say each hurt that is still alive, that you haven't moved on from, uses up 5 watts (or more) - so that your bulb has gotten dimmer and dimmer. You no longer have your full power and can't fully realize your potential. You're dragging along with a pretty dim spirit. She has you go through a process of naming and shedding old anger, troubles, blaming etc. - so you can power back up to full wattage.

Whenever I find myself in a stew about something, or someone, from the past (or present), I remember my 100 watt bulb and think about how my energy is being used up - how my day is getting dim because I'm sending energy somewhere else... wasting my precious watts.

"Some of your hurts you have cured. And the sharpest you still have survived. But what torments of grief you've endured from evil that never arrived."
Ralph Waldo Emerson