Connection and Gratitude

I'm off to spend a day with my mom. She lives an hour away so I don't see her quite as often as I'd like. But I feel so lucky to have her in range for a day trip, as well my sister Mary - the magic farm fairy. My daughter, on the other hand, lives just across town, 10 minutes away, so I am in perfect heaven. We have an uncanny routine of running into each other at the post office or market or library... a little burst of unexpected hugs and smiles. I'm always left with the fullness of gratitude and connection.

I will continue my last post, as promised, when I return, and I'll attempt to bring together all my recent associations of: fiery fall colors, lower chakras, Persephone, transformational encounters of the pruning kind, and even tie in the Wordsworth poem, Evangeline.

Have a glorious Monday. The earth is falling, day by day, into the early stages of Winter's dream. Soon we'll come together for connection and gratitude and feasting. But, of course, today is a good day for connection and gratitude. Look around you... there is sparkle and beauty everywhere. Thank the earth for giving us her bounty of gifts. Be open to connecting with those you love... reach out with expressions of gratitude for their very presence in your life.

Today is a good day for connection and gratitude.