Bold-Colored Glasses
... as worn by Fearless Women

This is #4 in the new series of Fearless Woman cards I'm introducing - based on  illustrations I created at the end of 2008. Brush Dance will be publishing a 2011 calendar due out in 2010 with these illustrations and writing. Brush Dance has an extensive line of products created with thoughtful words and beautiful art - take a look by clicking on icon at right.

I will be sending product and publishing ideas to different companies in January - A Fearless Woman will feature prominently (and Bold-Colored glasses will turn up in surprising ways!). This concept has brewed in my heart and soul for some years. Every time I hear of, or meet, another Fearless Woman, I take notes and write down my impressions. I look to those whose shoulders I stand on, who have defied every code of established convention and paid a dear price. How did they get to be so Fearless? Why is it some seem so indomitable even though they've experienced crushing, damaging assaults on their spirits? Their resilience intrigues me. I wrote the 'Profiles' that appear on the illustrations (and the new calendar) to describe my impressions of what a Fearless Woman might look like, and now I've expanded on these Profiles and also added a story.

I'm closing in on organizing the material for the Fearless book proposal - one I thought I'd have finished long before now. These things are born only when they are ready. All the other projects and distractions that diverted my attention this year were important: family (especially), friends (I love my friends, my sisters!!), new website, blog, new designs and writing for next year, installing new garden and patio, new studio etc etc ... and enough solitary retreat time thrown in to keep me afloat. It all fills and nurtures me.

But now with the book... it's like the late stages of pregnancy. Anticipation, exitement. And believe me, I know the realities - this may never become a traditionally published book. But I will have birthed it, and loved it, and owned it with my soul, so it will live in some form... even if I have the one and only copy. Actually, I have promised friends and family they will have a nice handmade copy.

'Bold-Colored Glasses' is kind of the signature theme in this material - lenses for Fearless Women.

Front: She Sees the World Through Bold-Colored Glasses
Inside: She doesn't look for rosy outcomes or places to hide. She greets each morning vowing to live her truth. When the going gets bleak she falls back into her boldness, settles into its power, and stays grounded there.

Earn your bold-colored glasses today! It's easy! No experience necessary!

Be exactly yourself (true colors). Accept and love exactly who you are right now (true love) . Share your gifts (true purpose). Connect with others and serve a greater cause (true kindness).