With open hearts
we share our joy
and celebrate
our kinship

(inside text)

This is another very popular card in my Holiday line and also one of my more popular prints in the 'flower wreath' category. This card is exuberant and all about the celebration and sharing... of song, of succulent meals, of every wintry impression our senses take in, of the beauty we behold in nature, and of the joy we know just being together. Celebration and joy!

Flower wreaths are made with layers of flower petals (or corolla), then framed with the green calyx of another flower, in this case, a Sunflower. The centers of the Holiday Zinnias I've been featuring lately are from a few Zinnias that had unusual texture and color - very radiant. And they seemed so perfect for Holiday inspiration. The colors remind me of a vase of dendrobium orchids I currently have on a table in the living room. Friends from No. California were visiting this week and brought this beauty into my home: dendrobiums with colors like a fiery fall - oranges, yellows, hot rust, bright cinnamon, cranberry. I miss my days as a floral designer!

Below is an image of the full print. Click on image to see others.

By the way, I'm now offering prints in size 5in x 5in for 10.00 ea. People like grouping four together and this is the perfect size. They also are sweet on a little easel or shelf. Printed on a natural 100% cotton premium archival paper, the ivory cast and subtle texture of this fine paper suggests a vintage botanical.

Since I first introduced prints this summer, I've made some changes to fine tune sizes and prices. As I mentioned earlier this week, I'll be putting some sets together with cards and other items for Holiday gift packs and featuring them in my Etsy store.

Other sizes/prices for Flower Wreath and Classic Flower prints:
8 x 8 =18.00, 10 x 10= 24.00. Ask me about custom sizes and quotes for matting or framing.

Finally for Friday: I guess I'm under the influence of my tall orchid sprays in fiery fall colors, so I will send wishes and blessing of a fiery nature.

Here's what this brings up for me, apart from the glowing embers in the trees and hillsides: the lower chakras. These chakras if I'm remembering correctly are body chakras - of earth connection, roots, safety, tribe, sexuality, sense of self. From groin to gut (solar plexus) is how I apply this. I am no expert and I hope not to misinterpret. I should have asked Judy, the friend who brought the orchids, now that I think of it. She is a sensitive, a reader of energy.

But I'll just go out on a fiery fall limb and wish everyone a powerful relocation back into your body. If you've been distracted, worried, too airy (my problem, being an Aquarius), too outside yourself... find your roots with the roots, your vitality in the burning colors, a new charge and sense of self inspired by color and form and texture... outdoors. Touch things outside, move around, be grounded, be well.