To Celebrate
The Endless
That Flow
Out To Us

Front text: We gather in loving kinship to celebrate the endless blessings that flow out to us.
Inside text: Our voices unite in harmony and our hearts in praise.

The Holiday time, which is rapidly approaching, recenters our attention on: What we have that is good, the things we appreciate, what and who we love, what and who we cherish, and what we value. It's a very good thing that we recenter and remind ourselves about the essence of life: Love.. and all its sweet interations.

But as I was choosing a Holiday card to feature today (I've been doing this over the last few weeks while I've had my 2 for 1 special running) the words "endless blessings that flow out to us" seemed a good thing to be mindful of most anytime. It's a good way to start the week. The day can sometimes get away from you right from the starting gate. There are days that feel like a tornado picked you up sometime after breakfast and set you down in the evening, tired, spent, and stunned at the unexpected chaos that took over.

So how about this: What if you start the week by pausing to take a breath- the deep oxygen-rich kind that begs another and another - and puting yourself in the frame of mind that you're inhaling blessings from now on, inhaling possibility and potential, inhaling love, inhaling unexpected gifts. Instead of inhaling messages... about who you should be and what you should value, instead of inhaling judgements from anywhere outside yourself or even self-judgements... stop that silliness right now and inhale blessings instead.

You can do this because of the fact that it is absolutely true that blessings are things that flow, are in constant waves of movement... towards you - like forever fluttering blossoms of grace. But as I have discovered over the years, many good things take conscious intention. Put your mind there even for just a few seconds. Do it again tomorrow. Pretty soon your soul likes this drink of blessings every day and will start to remind you. Listen to your soul girls and boys.