Upside Down

Under An Overpass
...Of Course!

Ashland, Oregon

Last summer there was considerable controversy over this Sunflower mural. All the proper permits were not in place and the city said it had to come down. This mural and others were installed quite independent of permits and permissions, under an overpass that crossed a creek and little park area in our downtown.

We have a First Friday Art Walk every month and because it was summer, the crowds of locals and tourists were out in force. Discussions and debates ensued, with heads tipped back, of course. This being a town strongly supportive of the arts and artistic freedom, most were delighted with, and even defensive of, the guerilla nature of the installation. It was a memorable evening, as we all love to come out and run into each other and catch up, have a bite, and view art from across the spectrum, in galleries, restaurants, studios, and anywhere there's wall space and a will (but not always permission!).

Because I love Sunflower metaphors, and use them everywhere they seem to apply, I thought this pic my husband shot would be fun to share. On the back of all my Sunflower cards: "Always facing the sun, Sunflower encourages us to shine, and to reach great heights."