Sunflower Love

Enjoy this very healing and vibrant sunflower. It carries the sunshine and love from my sister's farm where it grew. See Sept. 30 post below.

Wherever there is fear, despair, suffering, loss.
For those displaced or feeling powerless.

May you find comfort and a return to
wholeness, health, and safety.
May light and love encircle and hold you.

This is my prayer today. For all the victims of earthquakes and floods and forces of nature that bring devastation. And, of course, anyone else who needs a little sunshine.

One minute all the parts of your life are predictable and safely in place. The next minute all parts are shaken and tossed, never to settle in place again. There have been many lately, but the latest sorrow is in Sumatra, Indonesia after a giant earthquake has left hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Because news assaults us 24/7, we get desensitized and forget about real people in utterly desperate conditions losing everything - traumatized and displaced.

I think this got my attention because I spent a few weeks in Bali about ten years ago with my daughter and best girlfriend, Lis (mermaid Lis, I talked about in another post). The beauty of the land is remarkable, the people warm and beautiful. I fell in love with the goddess Saraswati.

Malena, my daughter, traveled all through the Indonesian islands by herself. An intrepid 20 year old on hiatus from Reed College, she had originally planned to come with Lis and me for the 2 weeks. She returned home 5 months later, after visits to Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, India. And celebrated her 21st birthday hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal. Her stories of adventure and living fearlessly, already, at 30, provide enough material for a series of novels. But don't let me gush about my daughter or the whole day will get away from me.

The point is that life is so precious and precarious at the same time. I've been in an earthquake and also flooding where all services were lost. But I did not loose everything. I was fine, and services were restored, eventually. My short experience feeling powerless and uncomfortable was nothing compared to what people in Sumatra are going through.

Today I will think of each person I love, and hold their image just an extra minute in my heart. I'll look around at another gorgeous fall day and notice the blend of light and color and the delicious fragrance of wet earth, drinking it in as though it were my only day to be here. Sages and saints have encouraged us since the beginning of time to live every day as though it were a gift just bestowed - with no guarantee another will follow. For today, I'll try to be mindful of how life is such a gift.