set of 4

This set is on sale in my Etsy store. All hand-glittered with art wrapping to back. All are blank inside. Click on image and you'll see each separate card. "Chocolate" card is the newest.

I think this card set is for making friends and family grin big grins and then want to hug you. Cheerfully, cheerfully, uplifting and fun. Sunflowers are my favorite emissaries to go forth in the world with one job and one job only: TO BRING SUNSHINE.

I've described here and there how my art, step-by-step, begins (very often) at my sister's farm. Mary and Greg are known far and wide, through their market stands, for some of the best tasting and most beautiful produce ever. How do they do it?! With dedication and love. Love. Mary says this often when people are talking about family or gardening or most anything: "It's all about the love".

They grow a giant wall of sunflowers at the back of the veggie garden. They grow rows and rows of zinnias and many other flowers. But the sunflowers seem to end up in my work disproportionately. There is a reason for that. As I said I need suitable emissaries to get the message out. A message to raise your hopes high, shine your light, inhale the sunshine.

"Always facing the sun, Sunflowers encourage us to shine, and to reach great heights". This appears on the back of all Sunflower cards.

Here are the quotes on the front of each card from left to right:
Card #1 "We now live in a world where wine and chocolate are considered health food. To your health."

Card #2 "Invite wonder. Invite possibility. Invite magic."

Card #3 "No surprise to those who know you. You've become the one you imagined you could be."

Card #4 "Rise up to the light that beckons you. Express your gifts and share your glow. That is your purpose, simple and sweet."