Menu of Possibilities

One more new addition for today: 5x7 card in Etsy store and print available on my website (click on image for print)

"Examine the menu of possibilities. Choose the ones you're most hungry for. Arrange them as a splendid feast."

This is an illustration, until now, I haven't had available as a card. I thought it might be a good message to follow the Sunflowers I added earlier today (just below this post). After you fill yourself with that sunny, cheery, good-feelin' energy, sending a warm glow through your body and sparking all through your spirit.... then you might be inclined, with your optimism and "Sunflowery" outlook, to believe... truly, strongly believe... more things are possible than you might have imagined.

So imagine this: The menu of possibilities is in front of you as a veritable feast, a delicious banquet, choices too rich and juicy to ignore. You want it all!! But, only so much time... even though you now have a HUGE appetite for possibilities.

Look them over carefully. Control your salivating! Which are the most delectable to you right now? Grab your tray and pile it high. Find your beautifully appointed table. Light the candles. Settle into the queen's carved chair (yes! you deserve it) and...

Let the banquet begin.

(I'm in the middle of preparing new licensing proposals for art and writing for next year - catching up with contacts and inquiries. In the process, I'm coming across illustrations (like Menu of Possibilities) that I haven't yet introduced as cards or prints. So keep watching, and occasionally, new pieces will pop up here.)

Oh I almost forgot! I'll be announcing specials on Holiday cards by mid-week next week.... right here on the blog. Already lots of activity on my website for new Holiday cards. I love the heart-to-heart spark of energy I feel whenever something resonates for someone. Check out Holiday cards here.