"If you are outside yourself, always reaching beyond yourself,
you avoid the call of your own mystery."

"The soul loves risk. It is only through the door of risk
that the soul can enter."

The above quotes are from Anam Cara, a book by John O'Donohue. A beautiful book of Celtic wisdom by an Irish poet, teacher, and philosopher who died in 2008, much too early. I had just discovered him about 3-4 years ago and was hoping to someday attend a workshop or hear him speak. This little book is some solace, when I think of him being gone. It began to influence my work immediately.

I checked it out of the university library after reading an interview with him in a magazine, and took it with me on a writing retreat. It was like meeting a new friend, with whom you have instant rapport, and feel you've always known. Had written these quotes down a while back while doing some research for a writing project, and thought I'd share.